Cpesea-Animal House Committee

(Registration No.1800/PO/Ere/S/15/CPCSEA)
(Committee For The Purpose Of Control And Supervision Of Experiments On Animals

Sr.No. Name of Members of the IAEC Designation in the IAEC
1 Dr. Mrs. Ashalata Patil Chairperson of IAEC, Scientist from different Biological discipline
2 Dr. Sunita S. Patil Member Secretary, Scientist from different Biological Discipline
3 Dr. V.R.Patkar Scientist in – Charge of AHF
4 Dr. Arvind Gulbake Biologist Scientist
5 Dr. Ajit Shinde Veterinarian cum Member Secretary


Sr.No. Name of Members Nominated as
1 Dr. John Intru Disouza Main Nominee
2 Dr. Vikas Vasant Karande Link Nominee
3 Dr. Sandeep Balvant Patil Scientist from outside the institute
4 Mr. Atul Ramchandra Chopade Socially Aware Nominee