Mission & Vision


To contribute ceaselessly to the growth of knowledge.

To be a partner in regional, national and international development and serve the cause of humanity for its progress, prosperity, peace, healthy and tranquility.

To continually upgrade exemplary standards in the quality of education and teaching, comparable with the best institutions in the world.

As innovator and promoter in the health education, be the pioneer in training, Research and Extension.


With absolute faith that higher education and research alone can cope with growing complexity of the modern world, providing training to the young generations so that they can bring relief to suffering human beings and conduction research to improve the quality of treatment using newer means, methods and technology comparable with the best institutions in the world.

Believing further that in the fast changing world of technology, education in Health Sciences, Science and Technology, Management, Biotechnology and Bioinformatics, Agriculture and Architecture needs priority, providing and promoting quality education in these areas and to endeavor to surpass the best institutions in the world.